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About Us

iClick Solutions was founded in 2011 as an internet marketing business. Our success has allowed us to develop direct relationships with many of the clients we promote. Since 2012, we’ve also helped clients from all corners of the globe build beautiful, functional websites.

iClick Solutions works with a variety of established online retailers in two different ways. We currently work with several businesses on a contractual basis, whereby they use our services on a rolling monthly contract to increase traffic and sales to their respective sites. We never tie our direct clients down to a long term contract. We operate on a monthly basis and our services can be shut off with just 30 days notice. Despite this flexibility, we’ve maintained a relationship with all our clients without ever receiving a request to terminate due to under-performance. This reinforces the hard work that gets put into our campaigns to ensure a positive ROI is generated, month after month.

Our ever-expanding team also works with around 60 websites through affiliate networks. The focus of these is in the fashion, travel and finance sectors, although examples of our work can be seen in almost every online industry. Working on a CPA (cost-per-action) basis, we deploy a number of techniques to drive traffic and sales to our clients, taking a slice of commission for each sale we make. This variety of affiliate marketing poses very little risk for the merchants, with agencies like ourselves only getting paid after we generate revenue for our client.


We aim to deliver the very best results for our clients, exposing them to every gap in the online market. We do not believe in limitations. We strive to always improve our results further and are constantly exploring the latest, ground-breaking areas of online marketing.

To achieve the very best results from an online campaign, it is vital that your website is making the most of its visitors. There is no use in driving traffic to a website, when the landing page is converting below its full potential. We understand that generating sales isn’t just about pushing users through your shop door. It is about providing them with a confidence inspiring experience, where they feel comfortable to purchase when they get there. This is why we undertake in-depth usability studies to help increase conversion rates of your website.


We pride ourselves on being a professional PPC and SEO company, specialising in Pay Per Click Management, Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Optimisation. We make your ROI our focus & provide a tailored Search Engine Marketing solution for all.

Conversion Rate Opt’

Turning a website visitor into a customer is the most-overlooked aspect in online marketing. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an internet marketing tactic, which increases your website’s effectiveness and encourages a customer to take a desired action.

Web Development

Together with our eNewsletters and eSurveys, we can give you the tools to increase your lead generation and drive traffic to your website. And, the CMS engine we employ also means that we can make your press releases, case studies, coverage, eNewsletters, etc., readily accessible,

Web Design

offers a full range of digital and traditional design services. From business cards to eCommerce websites, we can help fulfill your requirements with a professional service, at an affordable price.

Our Skills


We utilise the latest technologies when designing beautiful, functional websites.


Our capable design team can handle anything from business cards to ecommerce websites.


More than just developers. We provide simple solutions to complex, technical problems.


From landscape images to close up shots of your products, we visually engage website visitors.


Our Beloved Clients

iClick Solutions works with a variety of clients, both directly and across network platforms. Below is a sample of the clients we have generated sales for:


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